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Davuluri Venkateswarlu: the battle of a lifetime

Read the interview with Dr Davuluri Venkateswarlu, Secretary General of ECHO and Director of Glocal Research and Consultancy Services.

Responsible Investment Webinar: Encouraging Prevention Policies with Impact

Investors can play a key role in the development of socially responsible projects through impact prevention policies.

Great CSR Trial

The RHSF team is pleased to invite you to the Great CSR Trial. A great adventure in which we have been participating for 4 years!

Seminar “Work and Ecological Transition”.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), RHSF takes part in the seminar organised at UNESCO with the Centre for Social Research and Action (Ceras).

Identify cases of modern slavery

Training of professionals : “IDENTIFYING CASES OF MODERN SLAVERY AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING FOR THE PURPOSE OF LABOUR EXPLOITATION”. Do you regularly receive or accompany people in difficulty, in a situation of exclusion and/or foreigners? You...

“Behind the scenes of the tomato industry. How to act as a consumer.”

RHSF invites you to reflect on how to act as a consumer for decent work around the documentary “The Empire of Red Gold”; a document on the hidden face of industrial tomato production.

New European project: integrating migrants into the labour market

RHSF was selected along with 11 other partners to carry out a project aimed at promoting the integration of third-country migrant workers into the European labour market.

Preventing Child Labour on plantations in Panama

In Panama, child labour is a scourge in agriculture. In 2018, RHSF brought together all the stakeholders in the coffee, banana and plantain sectors, and co-constructed solutions and action plans with the actors who would...

New figures on modern slavery – decoding

France, 5th largest importer of products with risks. Rising estimates of the number of victims in rich countries… Do you want to understand this information, what modern slavery is all about and what your role...

World Day Against Child Labour – “Niños de barrio” exhibition

On the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labour, RHSF invites you to the exhibition “Niños de barrio”, a fabulous work by the photographer Jeanne Pieprzownik in Bolivia.

Film-debate “Far from the shop windows, the real fashion-victims”

In the era of fast-fashion (disposable fashion) and overflowing wardrobes : who are the real fashion-victims? On April 24, 2013, globalization suddenly put a face on Bangladeshi women workers. On that day, more than 1000...