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Subcontracting abroad: A model to reinvent  (fr)

// Sous-traitance à l'international : un modèle à réinventer

daniel-vaughan-whiteheadIn charge of wages policy and working conditions at the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead  calls for a renewal of the supply chain model. Multinationals need to support their suppliers to improve working conditions and human resources policies.

Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead is a RHSF partner and his article reflects RHSF's current work with Chinese companies. 

Countries at risk : 2013 report on violations of trade union rights (fr)   

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC - CSI) stands against trade union violations, wherever they occur. In a number of countries, trade unions are faced with extreme risks, and the ITUC is committed to running a global and systematic campaign aimed at supporting their defense of Human Rights.

Rapport mondial sur les salaires 2012-13 (en)