Who is a victim of forced labor?

Forced labor is a global phenomenon that affects all regions, countries and economic sectors. However, certain categories of workers are more vulnerable to coercion than others.


  • Women and girls (55% of victims of forced labor)
  • Children (26% of victims of forced labor)
  • Migrant workers, especially those in irregular situations
  • Migrant workers
  • Workers employed in informal enterprises (including those working at home and in geographically isolated areas)
  • Unskilled or illiterate who are not always aware of their rights
  • Workers suffering from almost always discrimination (indigenous workers in Latin America ...)

With globalization and the development of outsourcing, the situation of migrant workers in the supply chain has become a subject of growing concern, both for businesses and the general public. Emerging economies have indeed become increasingly attractive to migrant workers that migration in industrialized countries.