Health and safety

  • Every day, 6 300 people die of workplace accident or work-related disease  or more than 2.3 millions deaths a year. Most of the 317 millions accidents happening each year result in extended periods away from work.
  • The human cost of this daily threat is significant and we believe the economic burden of bad workplace health and safety practices represents, every year, 4 percent of GDP.
  • Occupational safety and health conditions differ significantly from a country to another, business sectors and social groups. Number of death and lesions particularly high in developing countries where a major part of the population work in hazardous sectors such as agriculture, fishing industry or mining exploitation. The most needy and less protected  usually women, children and migrants  are the most affected in the world. 

Source BIT

Carte interactive des accidents du travail en Chine réalisée par CHina Labor Watch