Harassment and Discrimination

Equal pay

  • At work, equal pay between men and women is mandatory, aside from their marital status. Pay inequalities based on race, skin color, religion, polital views, nationality or social origins are forbidden. A system of transparent remuneration and an adjustment of remuneration according to posts must be established to help preventing pay discrimination. 

Sexual harassment

  • Sexual harassment is not clearly determined in ILO conventions. However, sexual harassment or intimidation form an integral part of gender discrimination. 

Non discrimination

  • Your employer cannot discriminate you during your career (nomination, promotion, training, transfer) based on your union membership or participation to union activities, a complaint filed against an employer, race, skin color, gender, marital status, familial rehisponsabilities, pregnancy, religion, political views, nationality, social background, temporary time away due to illness, age, disability/HIV or maternity leave. 
  • Each individual has the right to work and there cannot be any occupational segregation based on gender.

Source: wageindicator.org

Pour plus d'informations : http://www.ilo.org/global/topics/equality-and-discrimination/lang--en/index.htm