Myths about child labor

  • Children need to work because of poverty: studies show that there are other factors, such as the consideration that parents have for their children's education, particularly girls' education. Child labor contributes to devalue the adult wage, perpetuating poverty.
  • Poor families need the financial contributions of children to oversteer: The income of a child is 20% of that of an adult. If this income improves the everyday life of a family in the short term, this contribution to the opposite effect in the long term as this creates a vicious circle.
  • Children have special skills irreplaceable (slender fingers and nimble): Studies have shown that the best rugs are not woven by children but not adults
  • Child labor is an important component of their education: studies show that low-educated adults and worked from a young age are less healthy and are less productive than those who start work in adulthood.
  • Hire a child costs less: Children are generally paid less than adults. However, the ILO found that the savings in labor costs resulting from the use of child labor is very low: less than 5% compared to the final sale price bracelets abroad and within 5-10% compared to the final sale price of foreign carpets

More informations :

- "A tale of two companies : The difference between action and inaction in combating child labour", de Davuluri Venkateswarlu, 2013
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