Exhibition "Behind the barcode"

In 2014, RHSF organized an international drawing competition to fight against forced labor under the chairmanship of cartoonist Plantu, with the sponsorship of François Delattre the Ambassador, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations and in partnership with the NGO Tenaganita Malaysia. Drawers from all over the world have taken part to this contest which led to the creation of the exhibition "Behind the barcode".

This exhibition, available in French, English and Spanish, has traveled all over the world (Paris, Toulouse, Rome, New York...). It is therefore possible to demand a new exhibition in another place, terms and conditions differing according the type of exhibition asked:

  • For an exhibition in painting form:
    Contact contact@hrwithoutborders.org
    Price will correspond to the transport cost (bring the exhibition and bring it back) plus a fixed amount of 300 euros.

 A presentation of the exhibition "Behind the barcode"

  • For an exhibition in kakemono form:
    Contact espace-diversites-laicite@mairie-toulouse.fr  or +33 5 81 91 79 60
    An educational booklet, in French, is available with the exhibition and is aimed at teachers. It will be shortly available in English and in Spanish.