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Reproducing our pilot project in China: improving both working conditions and economic performance is possible

HRWB has designed a CSR project in partnership with a French client and its subcontractor in China, Polyunion, who employs 1000 people. Two years after HRWB’s intervention in compliance with both the client's CSR policies and the supplier's culture, these results speak for themselves:

  • Significant and sustainable reduction of overtime without loss of pay for workers;
  • Important reduction in the turnover rate;
  • Improved quality and productivity (+10%);
  • Integration of health and safety policy into the bonuses of workers and supervisors;
  • Creation of a health and safety committee with elected members.

This project is proof that improvement in human rights and working conditions in China is possible, while at the same time improving product quality and productivity.

A unique experience

Our goal was to reduce overtime without reducing wages, while improving quality and productivity, integral to a CSR policy. A difficult task in China, where employees and managers believe that wage increases can only come from overtime, even at the risk of their employee’s health.

Hui Chen, project manager, testifies on RTL (in French):

An award-winning project

Bronze medal in the "Business Innovation" category at the 10th edition of the Purchasing Trophy
Atlas AFMI CCMP Award for Best Management Case 2015

A successful pilot project:

This project provides proof that an appropriate HR policy is the essential foundation for the implementation of a CSR policy among subcontractors. The client and their subcontractor have agreed to review their policies, the former by adopting a responsible purchasing policy, the latter by reconciling HR and CSR with their economic interests. Today HRWB is implementing the lessons learned from this project in three subcontracting companies in China and has developed a training in Chinese for subcontractors. An ad hoc committee shares experiences on site to permanently improve working conditions and prevent both forced and child labour abuses.

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