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Cava School: An innovative project to give children a future in agriculture.

The project

In many countries, child labour is deeply ingrained in the culture of agricultural populations. Frequently, children leave primary school at the age of 12 and have no alternative but to go to work.

We have conducted studies in India, Panama, Nicaragua, Malaysia and Ivory Coast to design an innovative approach to combat child labour that would be considered culturally appropriate.

We ensure that work becomes an asset for the future of children by integrating it into an educational project that includes for example the teaching of mathematics, science, the environment, and the impact of climate change on these cultures...

In concrete terms, we propose to:

  • Prevent young people under 18 from having to perform dangerous tasks, which have been previously identified;
  • Determine future job possibilities with the companies that could benefit from the work of this population;
  • Educate children toward these future careers, instead of letting them work in positions that will keep them for life in the lower status as a simple labourer;
  • Ensure the vocational training of mothers, as a complementary means of combating child labour.