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Project: Fair recruitment

Prevent forced labour through fair recruitment

Prevent forced labour through fair recruitment

In many Asian countries, migrants represent a significant percentage of workers (34% in Singapore, 25 to 35% in Malaysia...). All these workers are in a situation of dependence on labour recruiters. These recruiters frequently mislead workers about the nature of their future employment, forcing them to incur debt by demanding exorbitant sums for their service. In addition, there is the threat that these recruiters could eventually confiscate their identity papers, limit their freedom of movement or exert pressure or violence on them to prevent them from leaving their jobs. Therefore labour recruiters are central to the phenomena of forced labour of migrant workers in Asia.

HRWB's response

As part of the General Principles and Operational Guidelines on Fair Recruitment and the Dhaka Principles, HRWB, following a series of targeted field missions, is launching a project in partnership with contracting companies, suppliers, local actors and the International Trade Union Confederation. The objectives:

  • Identify, evaluate, map and promote, among contractors and subcontractors, labour recruiters who respect the general principles of fair recruitment;
  • Strengthen workers' capacities to make them less vulnerable and less dependent on unfair labour recruiters and employers.

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