Christianisme Aujourd'hui, June 2019

Christianisme Aujourdhui imageModern slavery is often equated with forced prostitution, but it also affects other sectors. Migrants are particularly vulnerable to the risks of exploitation and forced labour, including in Europe. Interview with Aziz Ahammout, Operational Manager of RHSF.

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RSE et PED, March 2018

Photo 2 recadréeThe rampant deforestation, whether for soya monoculture in Latin America, oil palm trees in Asia, cocoa in Africa..., also has the consequences of forced labour and child labour, observes Human Resources Without Borders. However, humane responsible practices are possible, with a real commitment on the part of the principals to their duty of vigilance, and an integration of work and education.

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The climate change has a direct impact on migrations, and migrations are a source of forced labor and child labor.
Many of you did participate in our drawing contest on forced labor and the exhibition “Behind the barcode” and it’s flipbook were a huge success.

We will be focusing this flipbook on the theme “Climate change and its consequences on migrations, child labor and forced labor” to alert during the COP21 in Paris, and that’s the reason why we’re calling, once again, upon your talent.

If you want to participate in this adventure, show your involvement, send us your drawings on Facebook

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PLanet Labor

Planet Labor realised an article regarding forced labour in the electronic sector using the voices of various experts, mainly  Pauline Overeem, international coordinator of the GoodElectronics network, Joseph Paul, from the Malaysian NGO Tenaganita, Rob Lederer, Executive Director of the EICC et Martine Combemale Executive Director of RHSF.

Laborers with recruitersICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility) has launched the "No Fees" campaign, an initiative designed to encourage companies to create robust management systems which will ensure that workers in supply chains are not forced to pay for employment.

The "No Fees" campaign will initially focus on promoting ethical recruitment in palm oil and seafood sourcing where the "pay for work" practice is especially prevalent.

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