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Photo 2 recadréeArticle published on March 26th 2018

Rapid deforestation, displacement of indigenous peoples, impact of pesticides on workers and populations... The cultivation of soya is the cause of many ills in the main Latin American producing countries. For Human Resources Without Borders and IIECL (International Initiative to end Child Labor), we must not neglect the impact of these practices in agriculture on forced labour and child labour. And humanly responsible practices are possible, with a commitment of the principals following the new legislation on the duty of vigilance with regard to their chain of subcontracting, and an integration of work and education.

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article travail des enfantsArticle published in l'Express on November 4th 2014
Following the program "Cash investigation" about "the shameful secrets of our mobile phones" Suite à l'émission Cash Investigation "Les secrets inavouables de nos téléphones portables" broadcasted on November 4th, Martine Combemale and Guy Clavel from RHSF react to this in a article on the front page of l'Express.

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malaisie-travailleurs 4804828Victims of vast fraud, thousands of migrant workers suffer intimidation and mistreatment, alerts Irene Fernandez, Executive Director of the Malaysian NGO Tenaganita
Most of these legal migrants entered the country legally through outsourcing companies based in their home country, or in Malaysia. But, fearing they may run away before paying back money due to the outsourcing agencies (equivalent to several months of salary), these companies confiscate the workers' passports, resulting in a situation of forced labour.

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