"One video, one voice"

Along with Victor Hugo, let us defend the 40 million people trapped in modern slavery, the 152 million children engaged in child labour...

In 1849, Victor Hugo issued, in front of the French National Assembly, with his speech "Destroy misery", a call of anger against working conditions, especially children's, working in mines and industry.

Echoing his advocacy, we are launching a video campaign using three sentences from his speech.

And we want you to participate. That will only take a few minutes.

All you need to do is to record a short video (likely with your cell phone), where we can see you say one, two or three of those sentences, in your own language or dialect. Then send it to the following mail address : n.alves@rhsansfrontieres.fr.

You may find those sentences below, in three languages.

With Victor Hugo, let's affirm our determination to eradicating any kind of abusive labour.

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Aziz, HRWB chief, sets an example:




Victor Hugo's sentences :

In such matters, if the possible has not been completed, the duty is not fulfilled.
I say that society must expend all its strength, all its solicitude, all its intelligence and all its will, for such things not to happen!
You have done nothing if there are still people below you in a state of despair!


En pareille matière, tant que le possible n’est pas fait, le devoir n’est pas rempli.
Je dis que la société doit dépenser toute sa force, toute sa sollicitude, toute son intelligence, toute sa volonté, pour que de telles choses ne soient pas !
Vous n’avez rien fait tant qu’il y a au-dessous de vous une partie du peuple qui désespère !

En tal asunto, mientras lo posible no esté hecho, el deber no se ha cumplido.
Digo que la sociedad debe emplear toda su fuerza, toda su atención, toda su inteligencia, toda su voluntad, ¡para que tales cosas no existan!
¡Ustedes no han hecho nada mientras por debajo de ustedes haya una parte del pueble que se desespera!