Pilot project on CSR with a subcontractor Chinese

HS PUThe first stage of our pilot project, with a test group, was a success. That is why the company has 500 employees used our collaborator Hui Chen to extend it to the entire plant, with the expertise of RHSF. These reduce overtime without reducing wages, while improving quality and productivity as part of a CSR policy. A difficult task as employees in China believe that wage increases can only come overtime, even if they are putting their health at risk.

This project proved that a policy tailored HR is the indispensable basis for the establishment of a CSR policy at suppliers. Client and contractor agreed to revise their attitudes, one by adopting a responsible purchasing policy, the other balancing HR and CSR with its economic interests.

The success of this project has created, with support from the European Social Fund, a platform for information exchange and to extend it to other subcontractors in Asia and Eastern Europe and sharing tools developed with other donors french order.

The part of the project for China was described in the Encyclopedia of Social Audit

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