The project is established in 46 different European territories as well as in developing 9 countries. The project aims to  :

  • Build a network and facilitate the synergies between NGO and ESS organizations.
  • Share the experiences implemented in the « PED » and in Europe.
  • Link each territory to the European Dimension in order to support the ESS and the international cooperation.
  • Increase awareness amongst European citizens about the link between ESS and the fight against poverty.

The NGO RHSF (Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières) represents France in the frame of a project involving 23 countries.
Four territories are covered in France: Languedoc Roussillon, Midi Pyrénées, Aquitaine and Ile de France.
RHSF is also responsible of Malaysia.
Our 2015 activity will consist of :

  • Map the partners in each/this territory depending on their political relevance and impact on that territory,
  • Identify the good practices upon partners experience.

Coordination and communication

Mascotte du projet européen SSEDASThere will a mascot whose name SuSy is linked to the European project, i.e. Social & Solidarity Economy as Development Approach for Sustainability (ESS as approach of sustainable development), which will last 3 years. SuSy stands for Sustainability and Solidarity in Economy.
A dedicated website, will be soon available.

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SSE in Czech Republic and example of one Czech SSE good practice

 Testimonial from our Czech Republic co-applicant: Markéta Vinkelhoferová, Project Corrdinator, Ecumenical Academy Prague (

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