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Europe approves the SSE best practices

October 2015

The best practices that Human Resources Without Borders has selected have been approved by Europe. RHSF has selected 4 different practices in 4 regions of France:

- ATIS in Aquitaine: ATIS is a charity that accompanies the creation and the development of social and solidarity companies in the territory of Aquitaine.

- Enercoop in Languedoc-Roussilon: Enercoop is a supplier of 100% renewable energy that is in direct contact with the producers in Languedoc-Roussillon region.

- IéS in Midi-Pyrénées: IéS is a co-operative and participative company aiming to fund and support ethical and solidarity companies in the Midi-Pyrénées region. Since its creation, IéS has financed 87 companies.

- La Boite à Champignons in Ile-de-France: It is a circular economy project in the Paris region that recycles coffee grounds as compost in order to grow mushrooms. The mushrooms cultivated are delivered to chefs at Michelin starred restaurants and the compost can be sold to individuals who can cultivate mushrooms on their own.

Europe has also approved the best practice RHSF has selected in Malaysia: the Iban weavers project. Iban weavers, mostly women, weave traditional textile using naturals  that are exposed in exhibitions and then sold at a fair price. This project empowers Iban weavers of Rumah Gare community.

A detailed report has been written for each of the best practice selected. The reports will be available soon. You can already watch the films produced here