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Social & Solidarity Economy as Development Approach for Sustainability


Project’s launch

April 2015
The very first meeting, to officially launch the project, was held in Bologna on 14/04 and 15/04. RHSF met the Italian organisation in charge of the project COSPE as well as the other European organisations involved in the project. The project’s objectives, as well as the means which will be put in place to achieve them, were presented in detail. The objective of this project is to improve the competences of the different networks of the development and of a social and solidarity-based economy throughout the different European territories and some countries in the South. We also aim to promote the ESS through the communication and the exchange of good practices, which will be put forward after a survey on the concerned territories.
Initially, we identify the partners and their impact on the territories. If you believe that your organisation could bring an added value in the frame of this project, please do not hesitate to contact us..