The October 5th of 2016, we've organized an event at "L'Entrepôt" in Paris. In the company of many guests, we've discussed the issues of child labor and forced labor around the world.







Cécile Allegra who wrote a book about child labor in Europe, has come to talk about her experience.







As well as Pr Jun-E Tn (Malaysia), and the  anthropologist Welyne Jeffrey Jehom (Malaysia). The main goal of this event, was to bring to light that forced labour and child labour are still a fact and that SSE might be an answer.

Welyne's initiative (to discover right here : is a perfect example.

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SSE in Czech Republic and example of one Czech SSE good practice

 Testimonial from our Czech Republic co-applicant: Markéta Vinkelhoferová, Project Corrdinator, Ecumenical Academy Prague (

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