On November 3rd in Biarritz, let's contribute together to the Sustainable Development Goals

SME, SSE structures, collectivities... how to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals ?

3rd of November of 2017 from 2pm, in Biarritz

Conference, panel discussions and participatory workshops

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals...

In 2015, 193 countries adopted under the aegis of the UN a whole new set of goals to eradicate poverty, protcet the panet and make sure each human being lives in peace and wealth. They supersede the Millenium Development Goals which came to an end in 2015. This new program covers the 2015-2030 period. In order to accomplish such objectives, which equally concern gloval and local, every players are concerned.

We will focus on 3 of the UN goals: decent labour and sustainable economic growth (SDG8), responsible production and consumption (SDG 12), aquatic life (SDG 14).

Confirmed speakers thus far (the liste is likely to evolve) :

- Brice Lalonde, Conseiller Spécial du Global Compact France

- Jean-Michel Berra, Directeur Général - SOKOA

- Didier Chauffaille, Directeur Général - EMAC

- Martine Combemale, Directrice et Fondatrice - RHSF

- Jean-Daniel Elichiry, Directeur Général - Atherbéa

- Jean-Baptiste Etcheto, Membre du CESER Nouvelle Aquitaine, Ancien Président du Conseil de Développement du Pays Basque, Président - ISCIPA - Synergies

- Sophie Herrera, Chef de projet - Plateforme Océan Université de Bordeaux

- Serge Larzabal, Président - Comité Interdépartemental des Pêches des Pyrénées Atlantiques et des Landes

- Christine Marsan, Coach et Conférencière sur l'Accompagnement au changement

- Françoise Pautrizel, Docteur en Océanographie

- Pierre Philippe, Membre de la Plateforme Nationale RSE, Président - Commission RSE des COOP de France, Directeur général - Vignerons de Buzet

- Chaire Optima (intervenant en cours d'identification)

Associations booths and an exhibit to discover

The Casino Bellevue galery will be occupied by associations booths and the HRWB forced labour drawings exhibit with drawings from all around the world. Those drawings have been exhibited at the UN in New York, Vatican, Senate, Luxembourg, Geneva,... 

Et en soirée...

The conference will be followed by a cocktail and the evening will conclude at Cinéma Royal de Biarritz with the projection of the film «Sacrée Croissance !» ("A hell of a growth!") by Marie-Monique Robin, at 8:30 pm.

HRWB is participating through the SUSY project, a consortium of 26 partners in 23 EU countries, which, ever since 2015, is valuing all social and sustainable economy projects which have an impact on poverty and Human rights abuses.

Free admission by reservation : 

Cliquez here for the registration form.


Aziz Ahammout – Responsable de Projets

05 31 98 19 54 – a.ahammout@rhsansfrontieres.fr