October 12th 2017 | TOULOUSE | Step #4 SME France Tour 2017 sustainable SME : be more than an economic player!


In order to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Global Compact has organized a SME France Tour, stopping in Toulouse this Thursday 12th of October!

You will find Martine Combemale, whose intervention will concern especially SDG8: decent labour and economic growth!

Global Compact will be stopping at Toulouse Business School (Campus Entiore) on occasion to a session dedicated to convinced and committed local SMEs' testimonies. Come and discover how a SME can, through CSR good practices, contribute to a more sustainable development but also, to its own sustainability.

Just as with every other step, Global Compact France wish to echo the UN Sustainable Development Goals. During this session, the thematics covered by the testimonies will mainly concern the following SDGs:

- SDG 4 : quality education
- SDG 8 : decent labour and economic growth
- SDG 9 : industry, innovation and infrastructure
- SDG 12 : responsible consumption and producti

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