February 20th - Challenge 8.7 launch party : let's join forces against forced labour and child labour


See you on the 20th of February for the Challenge 8.7 launch party, challenge launched by HRWB and our partner CSR and Development


Compulsory registration to : a.khlopkova@giesbert-associes.com before the 13th of February of 2017.

Challenge 8.7, what is it ?

In 2015, Heads of State and Government adopted at the UN, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals : 17 interconnected goals and 169 associated targets to guide global development.

Target 8.7 "Take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking and secure the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labour, including recruitment and use of child soldiers, and by 2025 end child labour in all its forms” To know more.




In order to progress towards effective respect of the rules of international labour law, we need to encourage, multiply, support, promote, value, pool concrete, voluntary, various -and sometimes modest- contributions, from the economic and social actors. That is the ambition we'd like to share and the challenge we propose to face! Because we believe no one alone holds the key to success.

To succeed, we need to gather 3 categories of actors:

  1. Contributors : companies, institutions, unions, professional organisations, consumers' associations and anyone who has concrete projects to fight against child labour and forced labour in their own sphere of influence and who needs informationqs, training, support, networks, competences, methods or tools to carry out those projects.
  2. Facilitators : HRWB and its partner CSR and Development carry and manage the project. We offer our expertise and tools in the area of labour rights promotion and companies social responsabilities. We accompany contributors all along their projects by letting them benefit from our experience, our networks and our tools, then we will organise the assessment of results by the population directly concerned before we publish them. 
  3. Promoters : Occitanie's regional and local public entities which will spread the word thanks to their involvement in the decisions taken by the UN and governments by giving them concrete content. Them only can bring the necessary impulsion, the promotion of the project, financial resources to carry it out over time and finally, the aknowledgement of the entities to the contributors and the dissemination of results.

Let's join forces!

Once we have a purchasing decision-making power, or economic influence power, even modest, we can concretely contribute to the disappearance child labour and forced labour situations. 

If you want to act concretely in your own sphere of influence but do not know how to ...

... don't get discouraged  ! 

Join the Challenge 8.7 organised wiht our partner CSR & Development.

We will support you in the accomplishment of your projects and we will organise dialogue with the populations concerned. Your results will then be published by promoters of the Challenge 8.7 to raise awareness -and aknowledge- your contributions and to generate new vocations.

The fight against child labour and forced labour won't get immediate results. It takes political will, social players' involvement, concrete, persisting, modest and ambitious contributions all at once. It can only be a common ambition.

It will take time. Challenge 8.7 only makes sense over several years and will be effective only if each player is committed to its own part and undertake to see its project through the bitter end.