SME, SSE structures, collectivities... how to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals ?

3rd of November of 2017 from 2pm, in Biarritz

Conference, panel discussions and participatory workshops

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals...

In 2015, 193 countries adopted under the aegis of the UN a whole new set of goals to eradicate poverty, protcet the panet and make sure each human being lives in peace and wealth. They supersede the Millenium Development Goals which came to an end in 2015. This new program covers the 2015-2030 period. In order to accomplish such objectives, which equally concern gloval and local, every players are concerned.

We will focus on 3 of the UN goals: decent labour and sustainable economic growth (SDG8), responsible production and consumption (SDG 12), aquatic life (SDG 14).

Confirmed speakers thus far (the liste is likely to evolve) :

- Brice Lalonde, Conseiller Spécial du Global Compact France

- Jean-Michel Berra, Directeur Général - SOKOA

- Didier Chauffaille, Directeur Général - EMAC

- Martine Combemale, Directrice et Fondatrice - RHSF

- Jean-Daniel Elichiry, Directeur Général - Atherbéa

- Jean-Baptiste Etcheto, Membre du CESER Nouvelle Aquitaine, Ancien Président du Conseil de Développement du Pays Basque, Président - ISCIPA - Synergies

- Sophie Herrera, Chef de projet - Plateforme Océan Université de Bordeaux

- Serge Larzabal, Président - Comité Interdépartemental des Pêches des Pyrénées Atlantiques et des Landes

- Christine Marsan, Coach et Conférencière sur l'Accompagnement au changement

- Françoise Pautrizel, Docteur en Océanographie

- Pierre Philippe, Membre de la Plateforme Nationale RSE, Président - Commission RSE des COOP de France, Directeur général - Vignerons de Buzet

- Chaire Optima (intervenant en cours d'identification)

Associations booths and an exhibit to discover

The Casino Bellevue galery will be occupied by associations booths and the HRWB forced labour drawings exhibit with drawings from all around the world. Those drawings have been exhibited at the UN in New York, Vatican, Senate, Luxembourg, Geneva,... 

Et en soirée...

The conference will be followed by a cocktail and the evening will conclude at Cinéma Royal de Biarritz with the projection of the film «Sacrée Croissance !» ("A hell of a growth!") by Marie-Monique Robin, at 8:30 pm.

HRWB is participating through the SUSY project, a consortium of 26 partners in 23 EU countries, which, ever since 2015, is valuing all social and sustainable economy projects which have an impact on poverty and Human rights abuses.

Free admission by reservation : 

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Aziz Ahammout – Responsable de Projets

05 31 98 19 54 –

Behind the most consumed fruit in the world : the banana's hidden side.

As part of the Festival Alimenterre, come and discover "Hold-up on banana", a striking documentary behind the scenes of banana production and regarding the reality of the working conditions, near slavery, in banana plantations.
The film "Amazónicas : Guardians of life", projected as well, is about indigeneous women's fight in Ecuadorian Amazonia to safeguard their lands.

Synopsis :"Hold-up on banana", François Cardona (52 min) :"The cultivation of the most consumed tropical fruit provides a thousands of people's lives. Around 900 billion bananas are consumed each year all around the world and each french eats more the 7kg per year. Known to be a sound fruit recomanded by all dietetitians, it is in the midst of a global marketwhich aroused lusts. 
The trade is so lucrative that it has turned into high yield financial investment, completely disconnected from plantations' reality.
Working conditions close to slavery, toxic pesticides used in an intensive way, investigation behind a merciless business war between multinationals"

"Amazónicas : Guardians of life", Charles Gay (5 min) :"On October 11th of 2013, 70 women coming from 7 different Ecuadorian Amzonia tribes, began a 250 miles march to Quito, the country's capital, to ask the main government to spare their lands from an auction process that would lead the exploitation of their ancestral lands by oil companies."

Practical informations:

Free admission subject to availability

Gazette Café – 6 rue Levat 34000 Montpellier


Aziz Ahammout – Responsable de Projets

05 31 98 19 54 –

See Martine Combemale on September 4th at 11:15 am for her intervention during the thematic "Human rights and companies: from identification of the risks to action"

The 10th session of Convergences World entitled "Together, let's innovate for a world Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty" will take place the 4th & 5th of september of 2017 at Palais Brongniart in Paris.

It is more than 5000 participants and international professionals who are meeting during the 10th Convergences World Forum. Come and co-build together solutions to the environmental and social challenges around six main thematics :

Convergences World Forumis a unique meeting place for public sector, business world, civil society, media and students. It is The major event for every committed players in the fight against poverty and for a sustainable development, gathering emblematics figures and international experts.

Convergences World Forum, it is 2 days of debate, workshops, networking to exchange and co-build a world "Zero exclusion, Zero carbon, Zero poverty".

Book your seats right now and participate to this 10th edition of Convergences World Forum !

Through two documentaries, HRWB invites you to discover small growers' situation in differents African countries.

  • "Vivre dignement sa terre" ("To live with dignity of his land") : Around the birth of a sound and sustainable branch in Senegal, this movie makes us meet and hear some of the associated growers taking part to the project. Sharing their experience and their path, they demonstrate the interest of the use of agro-ecological techniques to answer the challenges the family agriculture in Senegal is facing today. If today ("Vivre dignement de sa terre"), living with dignity of his land seems unconceivable, yet it is the objective agro-ecology is pursuing. Film produced by Karfa Diallo.

 Affiche Vivre dignement de sa terre

  • "Et maintenant nos terres" ("And now our lands"): tells the story of three resistants to land grabbing in Africa, three peasantry heroes defending their lands and their way of life confronted to foreign investors. In Cameroon, Benin and Sénégal, producers refuse to give up their lands and fight for another type of agricultural development in Africa. A film by Benjamin Polle and Julien Le Net :


The evening is organized in partnership with Animafac and Etudiants et Développement networks and with the association MJE ATLAS.

The association MJE ATLAS will present their project to help vulnerable peasants in Rwanda and Haiti in the establishment of an agro-ecology.

It will take place at L'entrepôt Cinéma - 7/9 rue Francis de Pressensé - Paris le 11 mai 2017 de 20h à 22h. Free admission subject to availability.


As of the 21st and 22nd of February of 2017, many trainings will be organised in partnership with CSR & Development and the Committe against Modern Slavery, for unions, companies or consumers to launch the Challenge 8.7.

→ 21st of February : training for Companies and local entities "Handle risks of forced labour in the construction area" (face-to-face and webinars).

Jardin d'Oc room, Occitanie Region Hotel, 22 Boulevard du Maréchal Juin, 31400 Toulouse. For those won't be able to participate, you may subscribe to the webinars online.

In attendance of Maylis Souque, General Secretary of Point national de contact de l'OCDE.

  • Seminar 1 : 9 to 10:30 pm: Act against forced labour in construction supply chain: handle the risks of temporary employment and posted workers agencies by Sarah Tesei, social innovation director of BTP Vinci group, and Martine Combemale, director of Human Resources Without Borders.

Break - debate

  • Seminar  2 : 11 am to 12 pm: Act against forced labour in construction supply chain: handle the risks of mineral extraction for construction, by Joëlle Brohier Meuter CSR & Development President.


  • Seminar 3 : 2 to 4 pm : New models and economic players in the construction area, innovative to take action against forced labour, by Patrick Rouaix, S.C.O.P. COUSERANS CONSTRUCTION CEO.

Subscribe here 

→ 22nd of February :

  • Training / sensitization open to all "Forced labour and modern slavery... in France too? Travail forcé et esclavage moderne... en France aussi ? Make the invisible visible",organized with the Committee against Modern Slavery, in partnership with Toulouse city hall,

  • Training for company committees on forced labour in the Tourisme industry. 

Place : Espace diversités laïcité, 38, rue d'Aubuisson, 31000 Toulouse

Subscribe to the training / sensitization for all !

For further informations : 


See you on the 20th of February for the Challenge 8.7 launch party, challenge launched by HRWB and our partner CSR and Development


Compulsory registration to : before the 13th of February of 2017.

Challenge 8.7, what is it ?

In 2015, Heads of State and Government adopted at the UN, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals : 17 interconnected goals and 169 associated targets to guide global development.

On the 1st of December of 2016 was a morning of reflection about "Sustainable Development - Human rights and supply chains: what are the practices?"

Organized in Paris, at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, this morning debate organized by AEF group and the sustainable development AEF redaction.

Every companies, whatever their sizes are, have every reason to be concerned with human rights : big companies and SME, NGO, extrafinancial rating agency and tripartite organisation. How to elaborate a human rights policy? What are the pitfalls to avoid? What risks companies have to handle in sectors as diverse as consumption, construction and energy management? What good practices have already been set up?



Martine Combemale, Human Resources Without Borders Director, was invited to answer those questions with some other speakers: Sophie Thiéry, Counselor at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council; Fouad Benseddik, Director of methods and institutional relations of Vigeo Eiris ; Didier Bergeret, Director of Consumer Goods Forum' CSR ; Amélia Tiscornia, Scoping Chiev Executive ; Maxime Goualin, Human rights manager at Schneider Electric ; Sarah Tesei, Director social innovation at Vinci ; Cyril Cosme, ILO's office director for France.

Led by Sabrina Dourlens, Sustainable Development AEF Journalist.

This morning was organized in partnership with AEF and HRWB which is celebrating its 10th birthday, with the Economic, Social and Environmental Council support.


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Find this morning's articles, writen by Claire Avignon,on AEF website:



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For the international solidarity week, HRWB joins RSE & PED for a fascinating day regarding the theme: 

Simultaneously in Antananarivo, Bangkok, Bordeaux, Brazzaville, Casablanca, Cotonou, Dakar, Libreville, Lille, Lorient, Montpellier, Paris, Rennes, Yaoundé, online.

For further informations, discover the schedule for the day and subscribe on RSE & RED website.






From the 3rd to the 14th of October of 2016, participate to conferences about human rights and SSE in Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier and Toulouse!

This Speaker Tour on french territory enhance some SSE initiatives, especially the Iban weavers' project from Rumah Gare. We will have the chance to welcome two exceptional speakers : Jun-E Tan and Welyne Jeffrey Jehom

The key dates for the Speaker Tour :