The Unions

  • Unions mission is to defend the rights of workers and especially workers in extreme situations of exploitation such as forced labour. Unions can:
    • Put forced labour in their agenda by creating groups, study groups or committees with a mandate to focus on this issue and devise a strategy or a specific action plan.
    • Establish a union policy to fight against forced labour, including in subsidiaries and subcontractors.
    • Train unionists to enable them to identify cases of forced labour and to know the different aspects.
    • Organize awareness campaigns on forced labour.
    • Networking.
    • Establish an information service and direct assistance.
    • Closely monitor companies identify forced labour cases and report them.



  • Local and foreign NGOs have the opportunity to work in the field alongside the workers and subcontractors.
  • NGOs can also conduct awareness campaigns among cadidats initially in sensitive countries (Nepal ..) and publish information on forced labour (in the host country) to raise awareness among contractors and consumers of the existence of this scourge.


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