Why join RHSF?

1 in 10 children work in abusive conditions, or 152 million children.

73 million of them perform dangerous tasks.

25 million people are victims of forced labour worldwide

All these people need your support. For more than 10 years, the NGO Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières has been working in the field to ensure respect for the fundamental rights of workers who are at the root of our consumer goods.

By joining RHSF, you support...

Actions in the field, in France and abroad

In France and abroad, help us to act on the causes of child labour and forced labour to prevent them effectively and sustainably.

Examples of impacts obtained with the support of our members:

In 2018, one of our actions ended forced labour in companies employing about 100 people in Taiwan.

In plantations in Panama, we have prevented abusive child labour in several dozen families, while maintaining their wages.

Bronze medal for Innovation (2016 Purchasing Trophy), RHSF succeeded, in a Chinese factory, in reducing overtime and improving income, working conditions, quality and productivity.

Information for young people and consumers

To ensure that everyone is aware of the realities of subcontracting chains and the role they can play as consumers, RHSF reaches out to young people and the general public.

Joining RHSF is a strong act:

You speak out clearly against child labour and forced labour, a decisive word to convince companies to act.

You allow us to implement concrete and innovative solutions and projects, based on our more than twenty years of field experience in the fight against child labour and forced labour.

You join the "Challenge 8.7", launched by RHSF to mobilize everyone around UN Sustainable Development Goal 8.7: Eradicate child labour by 2025, and modern slavery by 2030. Everyone has a role to play!


H.E. François Delattre - French Ambassador to the UN

« It is always a great honour to support RHSF and its founder Martine Combemale. With her NGO, she is doing an enormous amount of work with the ultimate objective of respecting human rights for all, without discrimination, and especially for the most vulnerable. » 

H.E. François Delattre - French Ambassador to the UN

Laurence & Thomas - Switzerland

« As parents of two little girls, we are outraged by the exploitation of children and adults at work. We have supported RHSF's fight since its inception because it is a grassroots organization. She shares our message: let us not take advantage of the weakest! »

Laurence & Thomas - Switzerland

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Or send us a cheque for 25 euros or 5 euros (students, unemployed people) with your details to the following address: Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières, 9 rue du Capitaine Escudié, 31000 Toulouse.