Establish an effective policy to fight against forced labour requires prevent risks.

HR Without Borders provides member companies an interactive platform and maps of social risks by allowing countries to work effectively on human rights at work in the chain of subcontracting.

Through pilot projects and expertise, RHSF develops a "tool box" to assist companies and organizations in the establishment of a responsible purchasing policy.

Developed in collaboration with the European Social Fund and companies in France and China, the toolkit is available to the member organizations who wish to contribute to its development, reflection and encourage our research to help implement practical fundamental human rights in the chain of subcontracting as part of a responsible purchasing policy.

For companies, joining RHSF is to engage in the defense of respect for human rights at work enjoying a serious expertise and a network of international companies engaged in the development of policies responsible purchasing. It's enjoy a realistic approach, comprehensive and progressive that does not sacrifice any legitimate economic interest but on the contrary preserves helping these companies to reduce the risk of reputation.